Our experience

We have many years of experience and speak all kinds of languages. What do we mean by this? We have learnt how to act as ‘interpreters’ between the different parties and to offer holistic planning by coordinating the needs and wishes of all the various parties involved.
  • Company management (business management, costing, return on investment, saving money)
  • IT managers (IT systems, security, availability)
  • Software developers (MIPS data processor performance, RAM memory, I/Os, etc.)
  • IT supporters (racks, floor space, electric power, heating, temperature, operating environment)
  • Network specialists (IT security, access, LWL or CU transmission lines, electric power, etc.)
  • Electrical engineers (electric power, building automation systems, security, redundancy, emergency power generators, USV systems)
  • Hydraulics engineers (cold production, cold water distribution, air conditioning, dew point, condensation, recooling, freecooling, etc.)
  • Ventilation engineers (air volumes, air speed, humidity, air pressure, air resistance)
  • Architects and building foremen (room volumes, fire resistance, floor loading capacity, room height, statics)
  • Installation specialists (who sees risks and their impact from different perspectives)
  • Facility managers (operation and maintenance, availability, degree of utilisation, operating costs, energy consumption)  
As you can imagine, all kinds of very different cultures come together, and people without the appropriate technical competence have great problems understanding such highly technical equipment. Conversely, a manual worker does not always understand why the risks are assessed in a different way or why an investment is split up when this results in higher overall costs.