Our philosophy

Corporate philosophy

  • Motivation and on-going development form the basis of our company's success.
  • We set great store by long-term, first-class cooperation with our customers on a partnership basis.
  • We attach great importance to holistic planning, and do not just focus on the system itself.
  • We speak all ‘languages’ and interpret, coordinate and coach the parties concerned.
  • For us, quality is when after five years and more we can still look each customer in the eye without having a guilty conscience.
  • We take the environment very seriously. This is reflected in the way we implement our customer projects.
  • We set great store by innovative, economical and ecologically-sound systems and on doing so, save the customer money.
  • Our customers are able to focus on their core businesses and save a great deal of time, effort and money by leaving their data centre projects in our capable hands.

Partnership philosophy  

  • We disclose all of our partnerships.
  • We are not obliged to purchase our partners’ products (otherwise our neutral status would no longer be guaranteed).
  • Thanks to our partner relationship, we can operate in an effective and flexible manner.
  • Our showroom demonstrates this relationship with our partners in a clear and structured way.