At every data centre, irrelevant of its size, our goal is always the same: we aim to ensure that the best possible conditions prevail in order to guarantee that the electronic data processing (EDP) equipment operates smoothly and reliably. The level of availability and security is adapted in line with the customer’s individual requirements.

Advice & Solution finding

  • We identify and analyse problems by listening carefully to the customer
  • There are always a number of solutions (not just one right one)
  • As a solution-oriented services company we always look for a solution that is tailored to the individual requirements of the customer
  • We create a basis and decision aids for the management
  • We speak your ‘language’
  • We translate technical concepts into easily understandable, everyday language
  • We draw up lists of specifications and requirements

Customer representation

  • We represent you, the customer, in data centre projects
  • We examine offers to determine to what extent they fulfil the given requirements
  • Coordination/ construction management/ project support, etc. 

Project controlling

  • Project management
  • Acceptance/ Implementation of system requirements
  • Expertise

Security audits 

  • Physical safety
  • Operational safety
  • IT security
  • Regarding the issue of safety from a holistic perspective across all the various layers

Risk assessment/consulting

  • Risk analysis relating to the data centre
  • Single point of failure
  • Energy supply
  • Operating processes