Data centre engineering

Holistic planning & integration in the data centre

We do not only take technical factors into account, but also   
  • economic factors  
  • ecological factors
  • geographical factors
  • factors relating to the connection of buildings and building sites
  • architectural factors
  • safety factors  
  • electrical factors  
  • hydraulic factors (cooling/ air conditioning)  
  • factors relating to ICT

Problem analysis in system rooms/ visualisation

  • Security/ risk
  • Electrical/magnetic/thermal power/redundancy/ single point of failure

Planning and project support in sub-projects

  • Project design
  • Assistance to engineers in matters relating to data centres
  • Coordination/construction management
  • Coaching

Capacity analyses in system rooms      

  • Room/ space
  • Electricity
  • Cooling energy

Optimierung und Automatisierung   

  • Feasibility
  • Cable/server management
  • Energy management
  • Building automation