IT Facility Management

The data centres and system rooms play a key role and should thus be treated accordingly. However, for reasons of costs, tasks relating to these areas are frequently neglected or are entrusted to members of staff who are already overloaded with work. This leads to minor problems being ignored, which when they accumulate can have disastrous consequences.

Capacity planning

  • Provision of electric power 
  • Provision of hydraulic power (cooling/air conditioning systems)
  • Planning of floor space and rooms
  • Server and network racks    
  • Reserves

Data centre processes

  • Company-related process development  
  • Introduction of processes and management systems
  • Training and support

Risk assessment/consulting

  • Analysing risks relating to work carried out on the building infrastructure and identifying the possible impact and consequences of such risks for a system room or the hardware operated in it
  • Single point of failure

Outsourcing of data centre processes

  • Monitoring of the technical systems and raising the alarm in the case of them malfunctioning
  • Initialisation, monitoring and coordination of fault elimination 
  • Planning and coordination of server and network installations
  • Server, cable and energy management 
  • Checking and maintaining the availability levels

Security checks

  • Physical safety  
  • Operational safety  
  • Risk localisation